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A summary of a recent interview with Wendy Long, founder and creator of “Letterbox Flowercards”...

What are flowercards?

They are cards containing a posy of fresh flowers. Each card is freshly crafted including a personalised message. They are delivered to loved ones on the date of choice by post.

Where did the idea come from?

I had worked in business on-line services for most of my career and, whilst a solid profession, was always at odds with my burning desire to follow my real passions of crafting and floristry. I had studied floristry for many years. I loved it but found my designs were always more contemporary and glamorous than others in the class. I yearned to follow this creative passion but knew instinctively I did not want to be a retail florist. I wanted to do something different but that combined my business and creative skills. The idea of flowercards came from that.

What is the relevance of “Letterbox Flowercards”?

I realised from the start that one of the biggest frustrations in receiving deliveries by post is the need for a signature. From the outset, the design of the cards, boxes and flowers was geared to enabling them to fit through letterboxes. The robust nature of the product has always reflected this important feature.

How do you source your raw materials?

In the early days of my business much of my time was spent sourcing materials and working with people and companies that mirror my own creativity and values. Hand-knitted poppies and daisies come from Ireland; diamante / crystal embellishments are sourced from the Far East; recycled boxes and cards are from UK and, finally, fresh flowers from local wholesales. The sourcing of innovative materials to improve my product is and always will be an on-going but incredibly pleasurable part of my role.

Which have been your customers’ favourite designs?

The perennial favourite has been the butterfly range whether it be in crystal, 3D or diamante; the knitted range tends to be seasonal so it’s pink / yellow in Summer, knitted daffodils in Spring and the knitted red poppies in Autumn; the diamante numbers to celebrate milestone anniversaries and birthdays have also been popular. A particular delight for me is sending 100 years old birthday cards ( we can accept, in this case, the card from the queen may be even better received !!)

Thank you for your time today Wendy. We will meet again shortly in future blogs!!

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